Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Tortoiseshell on Daisy

Canon 50D + 70-200mm f4 IS [@189mm]
Monopod. 400ASA. 3200/F7.1 -1/3 exp comp
Partial meter.

Walking along when this butterfly dropped in front of me.

Swung up camera without any recourse to settings [3200/F7.1 for a still shot ???]
and obtained this lucky image [bearing in mind high contrast areas in the image]

Copyright: Kevin Smith


Marilynne said...

That photo is gorgeous - a lucky combination of being there at the right time and knowing how to shoot it ------ and I guess having a camera handy.

Mike said...
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Barb said...

Just stumbled across this blog and love what I'm seeing. Yes, I do understand how hard it is to deal with white highlights and that picture is awesome. I'll be back....