Friday, 12 December 2008

Broad Bodied Chaser

Broad Bodied Chaser, England. 2008

Canon 40D + 100-300mm Sigma APO lens.

What would it be like if these beasties still had 18" wingspan as in prehistoric

Copyright: Kevin Smith

Eider Duck

Eider [female]. Northumberland, England

Canon 20D + 300 f2.8.

These sturdy, crab-eating, marine ducks are found mainly around the northern coasts of the UK.

The beautifully patterned feathers are used by the ducks to keep their eggs warm and by man in Eider down quilts.

Copyright: Kevin Smith

Thursday, 11 December 2008



Canon 50D + 300 f2.8 + x2 extender

One winters afternoon, while waiting for a Barn Owl to fly, a russle in nearby grasses
revealed a Wren which flew momentrally to a post and then was gone.

Thank heavens for autofocus.

Copyright: Kevin Smith


Swallow, Martins Haven, Wales 2008

Canon 20D + 100-400mm.

My campervan was next to a fence where a pair of Swallows had taken to resting occasionally.

I guessed right for once as this bird landed on the end post.

Copyright: Kevin Smith

Angry Shoveler

I was at RSPB Titchwell in Norfolk when this Shoveler decided to show its displeasure to another male Shoveler.

After the other bird had done a dignified retreat, the angry bird did a wing stretching exercise, click on the video below.

Canon 1D Mk2 with 500 mm f4 lens.

Tuesday, 9 December 2008



Canon 40D + 300m f2.8 + x2 extender

Like many a common bird often overlooked, the sunlit sheens of the Lapwing command
greater attention.

Copyright: Kevin Smith

Kilimanjaro and Elephant

Elephant and Mountain. Kenya

Olympus Om1 [film] + 80-240 Sun telephoto.

From the dark days of film, an afternoon shot of Mnt Kilimanjaro from the plains of Amboseli.

Sometimes when you press the shutter you know.................. [and pray]

Copyright: Kevin Smith

Monday, 8 December 2008

Puffins galore

The favourite bird of many people, these Puffins, Fratercula arctica, I captured on the Farne Islands and also on Lunga one of the Tressnish Islands.

And if you didn't know, Puffins nest in burrows

This Puffin was hanging onto its Sandeels in a brisk breeze and reminds me of Medusa's writhing snakelocks.

Canon 1D Mk2 with 500 mm f4 and 70 - 200 mm f2.8 zoom lens

Goldeneye [Male]

Goldeneye [Male]. England. Autumn 2008

Canon 50D + 300mm F2.8 + x2 extender.

Early winter ducks, in newly moulted plumage, are in my opinion the best in the whole year.

Mergansers and Goldeneyes are some of the best of the best.

Copyright: Kevin Smith


The striking thing about the Oystercatcher is its brightly coloured bill which however, does serve a very useful purpose.