Friday, 8 May 2009

Small Copper. England.

Small Copper butterfly, Sheffield, England

Canon 10D + 75-150mm Canon FD lens. [adapter ring]

A small jewel of a butterfly rests on a grassland stem long enough to capture an
image using the hybrid combination of new EOS digital body and older FD manual lens.

The result is encouraging.

Copyright: Kevin Smith

Cheetah Profile

Cheetah, Masai Mara, Kenya.

This cat was encountered walking along a sand road within the Mara reserve.

We assumed it was hunting and looked for a possible vantage point it might use.

Luckily we guessed correctly, positioned ourselves in advance and the cat did the rest.

Film days: Olympus OM1 + Sun 38-90mm zoom. Slide scan to CD.

Copyright: Kevin Smith

Burnett Moths

Spotted Burnett Moths, July, England.

Canon 10D + 75-150mm FD lens + adapter ring.

Day flying Burnett moths are a colourful addition to the grassland scene
in mid-summer England.

Being somewhat lethargic, they proved an excellent subject for an experimental camera combination of digital camera body and older generation Canon FD manual lens. [with adapter]

Copyright: Kevin Smith

Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Brown Fishing Owl. March 2009. India

Brown Fishing Owl, Ramnagar, N. India, 2009

Canon 40D + 300 2.8 + x2 extender. 640ASA. Tripod

During the daytime, a Brown Fishing Owl waits within the centre of darkened tree.

The magic of digital imagery enables us to see details largely hidden.

At dusk, on large wings, it will fly low of the river surface, picking up the surface fish.

Copyright: Kevin Smith