Thursday, 21 May 2009

Gannets Fighting

Gannet rivalry, Bempton, England.

Canon 20D + 300 2.8 + x2 extender

The broad cliff ledges and stacks at Bempton coastal reserve, England, in the breeding Gannet world is real-estate worth fighting for.

Skirmishing, stealing nest materials and attacking incoming birds are all par for the course.

Copyright: Kevin Smith

Riding the gale

Gannet riding the gale, Bempton, England.

Canon 50D + 300 2.8. Hand held. 400ASA

From the clifftop footpath, these birds were marvellous to watch, mastering the strong cliff updraughts.

However, being reletively close, fast and very sun reflective, photography of them was a different matter.

Copyright: Kevin Smith

North Sea Gannet [Juveniles]

Gannet [juvs], Bempton, Yorkshire, England.

Canon 10D + 300 2.8 + x2 extender.

In summer, when it is quieter along the clifftop footpath, Gannets tend to land near the clifftop, allowing for easier photography.

While adults collect grasses for their nests, juveniles rest and observe the goings on.

These juveniles will be 5 years old before attaining the pure white of adulthood.

Copyright: Kevin Smith