Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Brown Headed Barbet, New Delhi, India. 2009

Nectar feeding Barbet on tree blooms.

Canon 40D + 300 2.8 + 1.4 extender. 400ASA

During late February 2009, a blooming tree outside my Delhi veranda attracted a host of Squirrels, Mynahs, Parrakeets and Barbets to feed on its nectar.

This Brown Headed Barbet was initially obscured through the branches on the far side of the tree but a 20 minute wait brought it into range and clear view.

This ideal pose in even light was worth the wait.

Copyright: Kevin Smith

Avocets Mating. April 2009. England.

Blacktoft Sands reserve, England. April 2009

Canon 50D + 300 2.8 + x2 extender. 400ASA

During April, Avocets become territorial and aggressive, constantly involved both in verbal exchanges and battles for possession of their precious metre of ground on the islets found in the freshwater lagoons.

Potential rivals in the main are other Avocets, Black Headed Gulls, Herons and Shelducks which also use the islets for nesting and resting.

When the gulls and Avocets both engage in "verbals", the overall noise level becomes nearly unbearable.

Copyright: Kevin Smith

Avocets returning to nest site

Blacktoft Sands reserve, England, April 2009

Canon 50D+ 300 2.8. Hand held 400ASA.

During April, the Avocets at the Blacktoft reserve are engaged in securing a precious metre of ground on the islets prior to the mass egg laying.

Pairs come and go but if a raptor should come too close then the whole colony takes to the air creating a tremendous racket and a fine sight.

These birds are returning to their islet after a close shave with a Sparrowhawk.

Copyright: Kevin Smith