Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Cheetahs battle Impala

Cheetahs battle Impala, Samburu, Kenya

The last shot in my camera [film days] captured this life and death struggle which the Impala finally lost.

The Cheetahs were totally spent after a titanic 15 minute defence by the gazelle and lay panting in the afternoon heat.

Copyright: Kevin Smith


madcobug said...

That Impala didn't stand much of a chance with those two. One maybe but not with two of them. In the end it wouldn't have made it with all those injuries those two did to it. Great shot! Helen

Kevin Smith said...


You are right about numbers.

Some of the South Africans who have seen cheetahs etc are quite suprised they chose a mature buck with such long horns.

Both cats became very agitated as a pride of Lions threatened to rob them of their kill.

The Donkey said...

Wow! I would love to see other shots of this. Nice work.