Friday, 18 September 2009

Broad Bodied Chaser Dragonfly. England.

Broad Bodied Chaser, Old Moor Wetlands, Barnsley, England.

Canon 20D + Sigma 70-300mm APO macro. [70mm @ 3ft]

Although not possessing a dedicated macro lens, small objects sometimes fall within the remit of my Sigma macro zoom.

Such was the case of this dragonfly which landed [and stayed] on a stem only approx 3ft from the footpath.

I believe the overcast conditions [which I prefer for digital photography] helped the situation as the insects were were less mobile than in full sun.

Copyright: Kevin Smith


madcobug said...

That was outstanding especially when you click on the picture and make it larger. Great shot! Helen

Doreen said...

look at the webbing on the wings. fantastic shot!!

Kevin Smith said...


Thanks for your comments on the dragonfly.

Birds/mammals are my main subjects but anything large enough and of beauty usually gets an attempt to capture it.