Saturday, 28 March 2009

Stone Curlew, NE India

Stone Curlew [Thicknee], Nainital District, N India.

Canon 40D + 300 2.8 + x2 converter
400ASA. F9

In the winter dry season of N India, many sandy and stone river beds are dry, perfect
environments for the Stone Curlew which loves arid places with good all round visibility.

Although active in th day, these birds love to feed in the twilight zones when the large
light gathering eyes come into their own.

Wary and easily put to flight, my approach to these birds across open ground was slow and indirect, being under observation at all times.

The clicking of the camera finally un-nerved them and they retired into thin cover adjacent the river bed.

I am well pleased with this converter and prime lens combination providing F9 or smaller is obtainable in the prevailing light conditions.

Copyright: Kevin Smith

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nessabates said...

We have some of these at the local zoo and I think they have the most beautiful golden eyes! I love their markings too.